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(Romanian Byzantine Rite)
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Gospel and Homily Recordings


Homily of 1-05-14 5th Gospel and Homily
Homily of 1-12-14 Sunday after Theophany
Homily of 1-19-14 35th (30th) Sunday after Pentecost
Homily of 1-26-14 32 Sunday after Pentecost, Zacchaeus
Homily of 2-2-14 Feast of the Encounter of our Lord with Simeon and Anna (The Presentation)
Homily of 2-9-14 Sunday of Publican, Pharisee and Marriage Blessing
Homily of 2-16-14 Sunday of The Prodigal Son
Homily of 2-23-14 Meat Fare Sunday
Homily of 3-9-14 1st Sunday in Lent
Homily of 3-16-14 2nd Sunday in Lent-Relics-Healing of the Paralytic
Homily of 3-23-14 3rd Sunday in Lent
Homily of 3-25-14 Annunciation
Homily of 3-30-14 4th Sunday of Lent
Homily of 4-6-14 5th Sunday in Lent
Homily of 4-13-14 Palm Sunday
Homily of 4-18-14 Good Friday-on the face of Jesus
Homily of 4-27-14 Thomas Sunday
Homily of 5-6-14 3rd Tues of Easter Astrology vs Only Begotten
Homily of 5-10-14 Mother's Day Crowning
Homily of 5-11-14 Sunday of Paralytic-Mother's Day
Homily of 5-18-14 Samaritan Woman-On Marriage
Homily of 6-08-14 Pentecost Sunday Re-Creation of Humanity
Homily of 6-15-14 Sunday of All Saints & Father's Day
Homily of 6-22-14 2nd Sunday after Pentecost-Dialog with God
Homily of 6-29-14 3nd Sunday after Pentecost-Proof of Papacy
Homily 7-5-15 2nd Sun after Pentecost
Homily of 7-6-14 4th Sunday after Pentecost-Gestures & Eucharist
Homily of 7-12-14 Sunday of Fathers of 1st Six Ecumenical Councils-Church in crisis
Homily of 7-20-14 6th Sunday after Pentecost-Elijah-Miracles, Kingdom of God, Sacraments
Homily of 8-3-14 8th Sunday after Pentecost
Homily of 8-6-14 Transfiguration
Homily of 8-10-14 9th Sunday after Pentecost-
Homily of 8-15-14 Dormition-Assumption
Homily of 8-17-14 10th Sunday after Pentecost Fool for Christ
Homily of 8-23-14 11th Sunday after Pentecost
Homily of 8-31-14 12th Sunday after Pentecost on 1Cor15-1-11
Homily of 9-7-14 Sunday before Exaltation of the Cross
Homily of 9-8-14 Nativity of The Mother of God
Homily of 9-14-14 Sunday of Exaltation of the Cross



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